Council of Australian University Museums and Collections

Dear CAUMAC network members

2020 and then 2021 presented challenges for everyone, impacts within the sector and beyond are still being felt in 2022. While COVID has altered many of our plans and intended trajectories, CAUMAC remains committed to our members and the sector.  Are you getting our Network Bulletin? The CAUMAC Network Bulletin, is emailed to all network members quarterly, and it provides a useful forum for those interested in university-based museums and collections. When you renew your AMaGA membership, remember to choose CAUMAC as your Network Plan so that we can keep in touch!

At The AMaGA 2022 Conference in Perth, the CAUMAC Network Panel will take place on Thursday 16th June. If you cannot join us in person, the session is available virtually for the minimal cost of $15.  More details on AMaGA’s link here CAUMAC only – AMaGA2022: CAUMAC Session registration (eventsair.com)

The 2023 session titled ‘Another Approach: Art & collections in academic institutions’ will be chaired by @cainechennatt and on the panel this time will be Quentin Fogg (@UniMelb) Chris Malcolm (@johncurtingallery) Dolla Merrillees (@westernsydneyu) and  Kathleen Toomath – Carrolip Ctr for Truth Telling

If you missed watching the 2021 #PolyphonicPerspectives live, you can watch it here: Polyphonic Perspectives

Our most recent AGM took place directly after this panel discussion on 7 June 2021, and the committee for the 2021 – 2023 term was announced. Please welcome our new committee members and our returning ones.

Current Committee:

  • President – Caine Chennatt (acting)
  • Vice-President – Claire Sheridan (acting)
  • Treasurer – Andrew Simpson
  • Communications Officer – Jason Benjamin
  • Secretary – Gina Hammond

Ordinary Members:

  • David Ellis – University of Sydney
  • Jacqueline Healy – University of Melbourne
  • Jane King – Curtin University
  • Jane Thorgersen – University of Sydney

In 2022, while Narelle Jarry is taking the year away, we are fortunate to have Caine and Claire step up to cover as acting President and Vice-President.

If you are travelling to Perth for the AMaGA 2022 National Conference (or attending virtually), the CAUMAC session will be held on 16 June at 9am. ‘Another approach: Art & collections in academic institutions’. For more information on the conference visit https://conlog.eventsair.com/amaga-2022/

We owe a debt of gratitude to David Ellis who has served as CAUMAC Vice-President since 2010. David hosted the revival of regular CAUMAC meeting with Creative Spaces, a joint meeting held with UAMA (University Art Museums Australia) in 2016 at Sydney University. At this meeting we first heard details of the development of the Chau Chak Wing Museum that would bring the University’s Art Collection and the MacLeay and Nicholson Museum collections together. David has been a strong advocate for the value of professional links and networking between university museums both in Australia and internationally. After 11 years as Vice President we are grateful he will continue to bring his knowledge and experience to the work of CAUMAC as an Ordinary Member of the Committee.

We look forward to seeing Sydney University host the UMAC conference in 2023 at the Chau Chak Wing Museum. CAUMAC has members on the planning committee for this event and well as the 2023 AMaGA National Conference which will take place in Newcastle.

In 2019, the first president of CAUMAC, the wonderful Barrie Reynolds passed away. His legacy is reflected on in this article by Andrew: Vale Barrie Reynolds: caumac.wordpress.com/2020/02/24/vale-Barrie-Reynolds

You can find information about AMaGA membership and membership forms on the AMaGA website.  You can follow us on twitter at @CAUMAC_AU

Contact via email at: caumac.nsw@gmail.com

We will continue working for you and the sector

*The Council of Australian University Museums and Collections is a National Network that brings together members who share particular areas of professional practice and interests within the sector. CAUMAC is a constituted division under AMaGA’s organisational structure (previously Museums Australia – MGA). For more information and to join us please visit:

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  1. This looks terrrrrific! Good on both organisations for getting this symposium together.

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