Council of Australian University Museums and Collections

Welcome from our new President, Mirna Heruc:

Dear CAUMAC network members

At the MGA conference in June CAUMAC members came together for an AGM – and a new committee has been elected:

  • President – Mirna Heruc, University of Adelaide
  • Vice-President – David Ellis, University of Sydney
  • Treasurer – Susie Shears, University of Melbourne
  • Secretary – Anna Rivett, University of Adelaide

Ordinary Members:

  • Andrew Simpson – Macquarie University
  • Gina Hammond – Macquarie University
  •  Jacqueline Healy – University of Melbourne
  • Narelle Jarry – University of New England
  • Jason Benjamin – University of Melbourne
  • Janie Mason – Charles Darwin University

This new committee is in a sense a working party to re-energise our Network and develop strategies for a strong presence at the 2019 MGA conference in Alice Springs, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) congress in Kyoto and the University Museums and Collections (UMAC) conference held in conjunction with the Congress, and the 2020 UMAC conference hosted by the University of Sydney.

In order to obtain momentum to achieve all of the Committee’s objects, some groundwork needs to be laid out.  To this end the Committee invites you to confirm your membership of CAUMAC by ensuring that your Network fees are paid.  We encourage you to invite others within your university, city, or state to join, and please connect with us with ideas and suggestions to feed into the plan of action.

On behalf of the new Committee, I wish to thank Andrew Simpson for his dedication to CAUMAC over the past decade.  We now look to him to bring international perspectives and networks to the table for us to capitalize on, making a strong impact on the global stage.

The new committee is keen and ready to serve our sector.  As the President, I hope that we can dispense with the name “Cinderella Collections” and move forward to take a seat at the museum and galleries table as key players in the sector.

You can find information about MGA membership and membership forms on the MGA website.

We look forward to working for you,

Best wishes

Mirna (on behalf of the CAUMAC Committee)





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  1. This looks terrrrrific! Good on both organisations for getting this symposium together.

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